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Reporting a Disease

The EDCC can only report cases and diseases that have been diagnostically confirmed by a State Animal Health Official or an attending veterinarian. 

Veterinarians are encouraged to report any and all cases with a confirmed diagnosis of an infectious or vector borne disease, including outbreaks and cases of non-reportable diseases. To report a disease click on the link, fill out the form, and hit "Submit."


EDCC Alert Request Form


To use the fillable form PDF below, veterinarians should first download the form. Then fill out the information available, save the form, and email it to Note: The PDF form contains fields for up to 10 cases. Please fill out the information on as many cases as are available and scroll to the end to provide additional information.

EDCC Alert Request Form (PDF) 


If you have questions about reporting or are having an issue with the submission form, please email Katie at